Florida Condo Parking Spaces

Vehicle parking varies from condominium to condominium. Some condos offer covered parking spaces. Others do not. Some offer both.

Some Florida condo units have an appurtenant right to the exclusive use of one or more designated parking spaces. Such parking spaces can be covered, e.g., in a garage, or uncovered, i.e., in an outdoor parking lot. It is not uncommon for appurtenant parking spaces to be designated as a Limited Common Element

Some condo associations offer the right to use one or more parking spaces on a non-exclusive basis. And a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive parkings spaces may exist.

Some condo associations limit the number of vehicles that may be parked on the condominium property by one unit. What meets the definition of vehicle may be defined in the governing documents. For example, a motorcycle may count as a vehicle.

A family that owns more vehicles than allowed by the association may need to find alternate parking arrangements for the vehicles that exceed the allowed limit. Options include renting an unused appurtenant parking space of another unit owner. Or finding parking spaces outside of the property, e.g., street parking.

Guest parking may be regulated.

Understanding how governing documents regulate parking spaces is important.

Florida condo owners that do not understand how their use of parking spaces is regulated by their governing documents may want to engage licensed and reputable attorneys and advisors to guide their choices.

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