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Florida condo life with warm winters, ocean views, family on the beach, golf, tennis, fishing, morning walks to collect sea shells, and sunsets with drinks seems a part of "Living the Dream" for many.

Yet many Florida condo buyers learn the hard way that they did not understand the rules, regulations, and costs connected to Florida condo purchase contracts. Florida Condo Tips shares tips about buying Florida condos so that you can learn from the experiences of other condo buyers.

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Florida Condo Basics

Potential Florida condo buyers may want to understand the basics of Florida condo living. See our list of basic condo information for more.

Know Before You Buy a Florida Condo

Condo buyers sometimes are not aware of important aspects of condo life. See our Florida condo buying tips for more.

  • Reserve Study
  • Insurance Appraisal
  • Assessment trend
  • Audit trend
  • Date of turnover
  • Lawsuits
  • Sunset exposure
  • Property access control
  • ..... and More.

Things to Know When you Own a Florida Condo

Condo owners sometimes wonder about how to handle certain questions about their Florida condo. See our Florida condo owner tips for ideas.

  • Cameras
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Compliance Committee
  • Contractor Work
  • Kayak Storage
  • Bike Storage
  • RV Parking
  • Pet Waste
  • Sale Approval
  • ..... and More.

Florida Condo Guide Blog

The Florida condo blog features condo lessons learned by current and former members of Florida condo association boards of directors. Many of the condo stories feature challenging circumstances and often include references to relevant Florida Statutes 718 or governing documents.

Reading about the situations that confronted condo board members is a good way to learn about Florida condo living. Read more on the Florida condo lessons learned blog.

Recent Condo Guide stories include:

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Sharing Florida Condo Experiences

This website is intended to share some of the experiences of Florida condo owners and Florida condominium board directors. These experiences may help condo owners and prospective condo buyers.

Condo Guide Blog presents information and stories that highlight aspects of living in a Florida condo. The condo guide page along with the Condo Basics section provide a sort of guide to Florida condo life.

Florida Condo Basics shows common condo terms and aspects that may be useful to buyers, owners, and others who are new to Florida condos.

Florida Condo Buying Tips presents a list of topics that may offer prospective condo buyers, especially first time condo buyers in Florida, ideas about how to approach the process of looking for Florida condos.

Florida Condo Owner Tips lists some of the aspects of Florida condo life that condo owners may find interesting or entertaining.