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Condo Storage Lockers

It is not uncommon for condominiums to include a storage locker for some or all units as an appurtenance to a unit. Storage lockers can be air-conditioned or not. Some condominiums may have a combination of air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned storage lockers.

It is common for the developer to assign a specific storage locker to a unit as an appurtenance. It is common for storage lockers to be considered limited common elements.

If a condo buyer does not like their condo storage locker it may be possible to swap lockers with another unit owner. The process for doing so may be provided for in the declaration, which is one component of an association's governing documents.

A March 3, 2017 article in The Palm Beach Post shows:

The Condominium Act, at Section 718.106 of Florida statutes, states that appurtenant rights to exclusive use of common elements (such as parking spaces) may only be transferred as provided in the declaration, and then only as consistent with those procedures.

Some Florida condo buyers wish they had understood whether their condo unit included a storage locker as an appurtenance and the rules surrounding the use of storage lockers before making an offer to buy. Some Florida condo buyers which they had better understood whether the use of a storage locker was convenient or appropriate for the types of items intended for storage before making an offer to buy.

Prospective Florida condo buyers should, if they don't understand condo association storage lockers rules or anything else associated with condo storage lockers, engage licensed and reputable attorneys and advisors to guide their buying decision.

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