Florida Condo Sale Approval

Florida Condo Association Sales Approval

Obtaining association approval to sell a Florida condo typically involves several steps and requirements. Condominium associations in Florida often have rules and regulations in place to ensure that the community maintains its standards and to protect the interests of all unit owners. Here's an overview of what may be involved in the process:

  • Review the Condo Association's Documents: Start by reviewing the condo association's governing documents, including the Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations. These documents will outline the specific requirements for selling a condo within the community.
  • Notify the Association: In most cases, you'll need to notify the condo association of your intention to sell your unit. This is typically done in writing, and you may be required to provide certain details, such as the proposed sale price and the name of the buyer.
  • Pay Association Fees: You may need to pay any outstanding association fees, dues, or assessments before the sale can proceed. This is to ensure that there are no outstanding financial obligations associated with your unit.
  • Complete Required Forms: The association may require you to complete specific forms or questionnaires related to the sale of your condo. These forms could include information about the buyer, the terms of the sale, and any other relevant details.
  • Background Checks and Approval: Some condo associations may conduct background checks or credit checks on prospective buyers. They may also review the buyer's financial information to ensure they meet the association's financial requirements. The approval process can vary from one association to another.
  • “Estoppel Certificate”: In Florida, condo sellers are required to provide buyers with an “Estoppel certificate, which contains important information about the condo association.

It's essential to consult with your condo association and possibly a real estate attorney to understand the specific requirements and procedures for selling a condo in your particular community, as they can vary. Failure to follow the association's rules and obtain their approval could lead to delays or complications in the sale process.

Prospective Florida condo buyers and sellers should, if they don't understand condo association rules or laws, engage licensed and reputable attorneys and advisors to guide their buying decision.