Florida Condo Doors

Florida Condo Unit Doors

Condo owners sometimes want to personalize their condo unit's front door. For a new owner who does never lived in a Florida condominium, the door to their unit would seem to be under their complete control. However, it is not uncommon for unit doors to be treated as limited common elements and their exterior to be regulated by the association's governing documents.

The following items are examples of aspects of a front door that may be regulated in some way by Florida condominium governing documents:

  • Door paint color
  • Door cleaning responsibility
  • Damage repair responsibility
  • Repair expense responsibility
  • Ability to display decorations

Condo owners should refer to their association's governing documents to understand how their association regulates doors .

Some Florida condo buyers wish they had understood unit door rules at a Florida condominium property before they made an offer to buy.

Prospective Florida condo buyers should, if they don't understand condo association condo door rules, engage licensed and reputable attorneys and advisors to guide their buying decision.

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