Florida Condo Bird Problems

Bird Problems with a Penthouse Condominium

Penthouse condominiums often have the most desirability in a condo complex. This desirability reveals itself in the price of penthouse condos versus condos on other floors in the same building. However, penthouse condos sometimes have unique problems not easily solved and perhaps sometimes not solvable. Florida Condo Tips has posted on some of the noise issues that affect penthouse condos. Birds are sometimes another problem.

Penthouse condos can experience a variety of bird problems. Some of the most common bird problems that penthouse condominiums face include:

  • Nesting Birds may attempt to nest on rooftops or in crevices formed by the roofline. Feathers and droppings can accumulate. Odors or rotting food or droppings can be a nuisance. Cleanliness can become a problem.
  • Droppings: Birds produce a lot of droppings, which can be unsightly and cause unsanitary conditions. The acidic nature of bird droppings can eat away at building materials such as metal, paint, and stone, which then leads to unsightly damage.
  • Noise: Some birds can be very noisy and disruptive.
  • Health concerns: Bird droppings and feathers can carry diseases and parasites that can be harmful to human health. In addition, bird droppings can create slip and fall hazards.

Since the rooftop is common area, changes to the rooftop for the convenience of just the penthouse owners may not receive the support or votes for improvements that can often be costly. Why would a 2nd floor unit support additional costs when the benefit is for the expensive unit many floors above them.

A solution might lie with the penthouse owners funding much of the improvements. For example, the cost of proactive measures such as installing bird spikes or netting to keep birds from roosting on roofs may be primarily or completely funded by the owners of the penthouse condo units. As with most, if not all, of the condo challenges covered on this website, associations may want to consult with attorneys to understand whether their governing documents or the Florida Statutes allow this type of solution.

Florida condo bird problems