Sunset View and Sunset Exposure

Florida Condo Sunset Exposure

One of the joys of condo life is having a great view, especially when on a high floor. Living in a Florida beach front condo with a view of the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic is a dream for many.

However, the reality of dealing with East - West sun exposure becomes a nightmare for some. Why?

East - West sun exposure has some disadvantages

  • UV Damage from direct sunlight can fade and damage to interior flooring, furniture, and artwork. UV protection measures may be required to preserve decor and maintain the condo's aesthetic appeal.
  • Some condo associations do not allow awnings or other similar shade providing attachments.
  • Glare and Heat is greater with a sunset view, especially during certain times of the year. This might necessitate the use of blinds or shades to manage, which then can defeat having the sunset view.
  • Lots of direct sun increases the use of air conditioning and electric bills.
  • Even with air conditioning, sun exposure is sometimes uncomfortable
  • Sunrises and sunsets often involve a lot of glare and eye discomfort

Some Florida condo buyers of units with East - West sun exposure wish they had better understood their preferences for the amount of sun associated with East - West sun exposure.