Member Meetings

Florida Condo Member Meetings

Florida Statutes 718.112(2) is an extensive section that shows:

  • What constitutes a quorum at a meeting of members,
  • How members, i.e., unit owners, vote,
  • How a proxy may be used,
  • and other relevant information.

Condo unit owners sometimes do not distinguish that member meetings differ from board meetings, which are covered by other sections of the Florida Statutes.

One major difference between member meetings and board meetings is that board meetings, generally, handle association business that requires only board of directors votes. Association members, that is, owners who are not board members, do not have the right to vote on or second motions at board meetings.

The Florida Condominium Act contains a set of "sunshine law" requirements that apply to meetings. The article "Sunshine Laws for Condominium Associations" by a Florida law firm provides more details.